Vance is available for making biographical presentations on great men and women of the Christian faith at churches, schools, camps, retreats, conferences and in other ministry settings. He relates some of the highlights and key spiritual lessons from a prominent person’s (or couple’s) life and ministry in a way that is not only interesting but also spiritually inspiring and instructive.

Vance’s presentations are third-person accounts of heroes of the Christian faith with applications made to our own spiritual lives and service of Christ Jesus. These biographical presentations can be adapted to various age groups, but are primarily geared for adults, teens and older grade schoolers.

Presentations can be made on the following people and themes:

  • Hudson Taylor (founder of the China Inland Mission) – Serving Christ with Faith and Vision.
  • John and Betty Stam (missionary martyrs to China) – Serving Christ by Life and by Death.
  • Adoniram Judson (pioneer missionary to Burma) – Sacrifice and Fruitfulness in Serving Christ.
  • Fanny Crosby (the blind hymnwriter) – Her Amazing Life and Beloved Hymns (this presentation can include the group singing of some of Fanny’s best-known hymns).
  • Corrie ten Boom (Holocaust survivor and worldwide evangelist) – Overcoming Evil with the Good News of God’s Love and Forgiveness.
  • Timeless Stories of Christian Faith and Prayer (from the examples of several outstanding Christians).
  • Timeless Stories of Christian Service and Evangelism (as modeled by various prominent servants of Christ).
  • Inspiration for Christian Marriage and Family (from the examples of a number of eminent Christians).
  • Other outstanding individuals or themes represented in Vance’s writings.

In addition to biographical presentations, Vance can also deliver Bible-exposition messages for church or chapel services. He would be delighted to minister in more than one session at your ministry organization or event.

Suggested remuneration includes a generous honorarium (in keeping with the number of presentations made) and the covering of related travel expenses. Use the “Contact” tab to get in touch with Vance about his making one or more presentations for your ministry organization or event.

Endorsements of Vance’s biographical speaking presentations:

“I’ve known Vance and Leeta for almost 30 years since my college days attending their church in Sioux Center, Iowa. He has always shown patience, kindness, and a humble trust in the Word of God. Vance is the real deal, he has been faithful to Christ and His church for more than a generation. Now, as he focuses on serving the church through writing and speaking he will no doubt introduce many believers, young and old, to some of the Lord’s faithful servants of the past, and inspire them to follow Christ in similar ways. Our congregation and I are grateful for his presentation on Hudson Taylor. We were encouraged to learn from Taylor’s example of devoting ourselves to prayer and immersing ourselves in the Scriptures to build our faith. Vance combines eloquence with passion as he shines a light on these faithful servants of the past and the glorious God whom they served. I gladly recommend Vance Christie’s books and speaking ministry to anyone wanting to have a few more reasons to praise the living God.” (Pastor Clint Hogrefe, Evangelical Free Church, Stanton, Nebraska)

“Vance is a gracious man, an experienced pastor, and a prolific author of substantive Christian biography. I’ve loved reading several of his books, especially his work on David Brainerd. I’ve also loved the personal time I’ve shared with him on a couple occasions. Our congregation recently hosted Vance for a special weekend during which he spoke a biographical message on the life of Hudson Taylor and an expositional message on persevering in love for the Lord Jesus Christ. Both messages reflected careful study, devotional warmth, and pastoral care. He served us well.” (Pastor Joe Tyrpak, Tri-County Bible Church, Madison, Ohio)

“I have read, enjoyed, and benefited from several Vance Christie Christian biographies. They put ‘flesh on the bones’ of so much biblical teaching, which calls us to imitate Christ-like virtues in others (Heb. 13:7). This is what led me to invite Vance to speak at a Harvest Supper for our church in 2018. He spoke on Hudson Taylor and I was not at all disappointed. We walked away that night with both a clearer picture of Taylor’s life, and a compelling vision of what it can look like to walk by faith.” (Pastor Tom Barnes, Minden Evangelical Free Church)

“Vance spoke at our Thanksgiving/Harvest Supper a few years ago.  The stories he tells from history are so interesting, and the lessons he draws from those stories brought both encouragement and challenge.  He made biography come alive.  Our people loved it!”
(Pastor Wes Holen, Evangelical Free Church, Oxford, Nebraska)

“Christian biography has long been a source of inspiration for me.  Reading and hearing about real people’s walk with the Lord and exploits for Him help me realize the possibilities for myself.  Through the past quarter century, Vance Christie has been my pastor and guest speaker at Awana Ministry Conferences that I’ve conducted.  Vance has a rich knowledge of godly men and women from the past, whose lives serve as an example and motivation for us today.  Not only that, but Vance is also a gifted speaker, who has a way of weaving stories from people’s lives with biblical principles to make a compelling case for Christian living and service.  Vance Christie will be an excellent speaker choice for your missions conference, camp, retreat or special event.  You will benefit from the impact of his ministry long afterwards.” (Rick Hattan, Awana Missionary to Nebraska and Wyoming)