Women of Faith and Courage

Women of Faith and Courage by Vance Christie“Through some of the best-loved heroines of the Christian faith, God’s glory is manifest as He accomplishes significant things through imperfect people. In Women of Faith readers discover the remarkable stories of Susanna Wesley, Fanny Crosby, Catherine Booth, Mary Slessor and Corrie ten Boom. Their lives spanned three centuries and their circumstances were each very different, but steadfast faith and courage is the constant resounding theme for each. In Women of Faith engaging narratives with rich historical detail reveal the uncommon faithfulness of these five women in evangelism, missions pioneering, ministries of compassion and the nurturing of their own families. Their giftedness, resilience and compassion shine through, modeling devotion to Christ and sacrificial service in His kingdom. Across the pages of this book, the legacy of these women lives on to inspire and instruct contemporary believers – in living all of life for the glory of God.” (Christian Focus Publications)



“Women of Faith and Courage aptly describes Vance Christie’s five subjects in this well-researched account. In days when sacrifice for Christ’s sake is often sadly lacking in our churches there is much here to challenge and even disturb us.”
Faith Cook, author, Derbyshire, England

“Thank you, Vance Christie, for your amazing biographies of five remarkable Christian women in history. Your book, Women of Faith and Courage, shows in a beautifully-written and fascinating style, the faithful devotion of these women for Christ, and allows us to look deeply into their lives and ministries. I can highly recommend this book, and I hope women around the world will study it for personal spiritual growth and also in a group Bible study setting. Truly, these five women are role models for all of us today!”
Denise George, author, teacher, speaker, Birmingham, Alabama

“Nothing inspires me like reading about the lives of women who lived and died serving the Lord Jesus. Vance Christie has done a wonderful job of opening the lives of five women-sharing their strengths and weaknesses as well as their victories and tragedies. … Indeed for God to take ordinary women and use them in such extraordinary ways should give every woman a mandate to serve the Lord faithfully even if in the most humble circumstances!”
Dorothy K. Patterson, Professor of Theology in Women’s Studies, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas

“The whole book has fascinated and intrigued me, and I am so grateful to Vance for putting so much hard work into the research, bringing to light so much ‘new’ material. He has written each life story in such a vibrant way, truly making each of the five women come alive. May many young women (and not so young!) be stirred, challenged and inspired by what God has done through these women, each in their own circumstances and differing situations. Indeed, may we all be challenged to keep ‘going for God’ to the end of our journeys – as these five did; and may we live with one passion ‘to please our Lord and Saviour Jesus’.”
Helen Roseveare, author, former missionary in Congo, international speaker with WEC ministries, Holywood, Northern Ireland

“Women of Faith and Courage, biographies of five women who faced daunting difficulties, both inspires and challenges. Whether confronted with poverty, a self-centered husband, endless debt, physical disabilities, perennial illness, government persecution, destructive fires, or loneliness, they all found faith in Christ gave them a courage to overcome every obstacle and serve Him. Whatever our own trials or difficulties, the stories of [these women] are certain to strengthen our own Christian faith and courage.”
Diana Lynn Severance, historian and teacher, Spring, Texas

Vance’s Story Behind the Book:
Over the years I have read with great appreciation and benefit the biographies not only of many great men of faith but also of numerous outstanding Christian women. More than fifteen years ago I developed a book proposal for a volume that would present condensed biographies of ten such women. The proposal was declined by numerous publishers and eventually came to lie inactive in my file drawer and on my computer. In recent years I dusted off the prospectus and presented it to Christian Focus Publications. CFP offered me the opportunity to write a work featuring abbreviated biographies of five noteworthy Christian women, resulting in the publication of Women of Faith and Courage in 2011.

The teenage son of some friends asked his parents about my writing of this volume, “How can a man write a book about a group of women?” It’s not a bad question, and he’s probably not the only one to wonder that. My only attempt at bolstering my credibility in that regard is to suggest that growing up with a mother and two sisters, being married for over thirty years and raising three daughters has provided me with a fair amount of acquaintance with female perspectives! ;-)

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Publisher:  Christian Focus Publications
Publication Date:  2011
Page Count:  240
ISBN:  9781845506865
Available Formats:  Paperback, E-book

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