Hudson Taylor: Gospel Pioneer to China

Hudson Taylor: Gospel Pioneer to China by Vance Christie
“In 19th-century England, James and Amelia Taylor famously prayed, ‘Dear God, if you should give us a son, grant that he may work for you in China.’ Their son, James Hudson Taylor, would go on to become the most influential missionary of the modern missionary movement. Taylor totally changed the way that missionaries worked with indigenous peoples, setting an example that they continue to follow to this day. His pioneering work in China led to the explosive growth of the modern Chinese church. This is the exciting story of a soul consecrated to God’s service. Journey with Taylor as he immerses himself in the vibrant local culture and comes to identify with those he served on the mission field—and be inspired to take a new approach to witnessing for Christ in your own life.” (P & R Publishing)

Young Hudson Taylor

Young Hudson Taylor


“Vance Christie has written an excellent biography of one of the greatest missionaries of all time. His lively style captures the drama, the danger, and the dedication of this “little” man whose faith in God enabled him to accomplish so much. Readers of all ages will be enthralled by the story of God’s remarkable work in and through Hudson Taylor and the China Inland Mission, which Chinese Christians today gladly acknowledge as essential to the growth of perhaps the largest church on earth.”
G. Wright Doyle, Director, China Institute and Global China Center, Co-author, China: Ancient Culture, Modern Society, Editor, Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Christianity

Hudson Taylor

Hudson Taylor

“Hudson Taylor is the subject of Vance Christie’s biography Hudson Taylor: Gospel Pioneer to China. I love missionary biographies, so I suppose I was predisposed to enjoy this book. Sure enough, I enjoyed it a lot. Christie is a talented biographer and in this book he works with a fascinating subject. … In Hudson Taylor: Gospel Pioneer to China, Vance Christie has given us a short but powerful account of the life of a man who was truly great in the Kingdom of God. If it has been too long since you have read the biography of a missionary, don’t miss out on the opportunity to be blessed by this one.”
Tim Challies, Christian blogger, Pastor of Grace Fellowship Church, Toronto, Ontario

Vance’s Story Behind the Book:
This was my very first published book. Originally it was published in 1999 by Barbour Publishing (as part of its Heroes of the Faith series) under the title Hudson Taylor: Founder, China Inland Mission.

After learning of Barbour’s “Heroes” series, I submitted biography proposals on two other subjects. Barbour declined those but invited me to submit a proposal on Hudson Taylor. I was so thrilled when the editor from Barbour phoned to tell me they would like me to write the book that I asked him to call my wife at home so she could have the same thrilling experience of hearing that wonderful news direct from him. That plan nearly backfired when she initially mistook him for a telemarketer and almost hung up on him!

I was absolutely delighted with the opportunity to write Hudson Taylor’s biography because he had been one of my missionary heroes for years. I was so excited about my first book writing opportunity that I didn’t even mind the tight five-month deadline to research and write the volume. As the publisher had given me a strict word-count limit, the much harder part of the process was deciding which events from Taylor’s storied life would need to be abbreviated or passed over altogether.

Still, as I researched and composed the life story of this outstanding Christian servant I was especially blessed and benefited by the exceptional, mountain-moving faith in God that characterized his fifty-plus years of missionary service in China. I was delighted when P & R Publishing produced a handsome new edition of this book in 2011 with the fitting title Hudson Taylor: Gospel Pioneer to China.

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Publisher:  P & R Publishing
Publication Date:  2011
Page Count:  208
ISBN:  9781596382367
Available Formats:  Paperback

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