Each of us would instantly recognize the pictures of scores of prominent people living today, whether political leaders, sports figures, Hollywood celebrities or others. Just for the fun of it, let’s see how well we do at identifying a number of eminent Christian servant-leaders from the past few centuries of Church History.

Match the following names with the appropriate numbered pictures below. If you need some assistance, most of these people and their pictures have been featured at www.vancechristie.com in the past. The correct identifications are supplied at the end of this Perspective. When you’re all done, see how you rate according to the suggested scale which also appears at the end of the blog.

I hope you’ll have fun with this. Perhaps you’ll want to pass it on to some others for their enjoyment.

Who's Who in Church History?

Martin Luther, Protestant Reformation leader (1483-1546)

John Calvin, Protestant Reformation leader (1509-1564)

Susanna Wesley, Influential mother of John & Charles Wesley (1669-1742)

John Wesley, Founder of Methodism (1703-1791)

Jonathan Edwards, Premiere pastor in America’s first Great Awakening (1703-1758)

George Whitefield, Premiere evangelist in America’s first Great Awakening (1714-1770)

William Carey, “Father of Modern Missions” (1761-1834)

Adoniram Judson, America’s first foreign missionary, served in Burma (1788-1850)

George Muller, Faith-based orphan ministry in England (1805-1898)

Fanny Crosby, Celebrated hymnwriter (1820-1915)

Andrew Murray, South African pastoral leader and devotional writer (1828-1917)

William & Catherine Booth, Founders of the Salvation Army (1829-1912 & 1829-1890)

Hudson Taylor, Founder of the China Inland Mission (1832-1905)

Charles Spurgeon, “Prince of Preachers” (1834-1892)

Dwight Moody, Prominent 19th century evangelist (1837-1899)

Mary Slessor, Missionary to Calabar, West Africa (1848-1915)

Amy Carmichael, Missionary to Dohnavur, India (1867-1951)

Corrie ten Boom, “The Hiding Place” and world evangelist (1892-1983)

John & Betty Stam, Missionary martyrs in China (1907-1934 & 1906-1934)

Billy Graham, 20th century’s premiere world evangelist (1918-present)

*          *          *

Pictures correctly identified & Your rating:

19-20                           Superlative

17-18                           Great

15-16                           Good

13-14                           Fair

1-12                             Plenty of room to progress ;-)

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Correct Answers:  (1) John Calvin;  (2) John Wesley;  (3) Jonathan Edwards;  (4) William Carey;  (5) George Whitefield;  (6) Martin Luther;  (7) Adoniram Judson;  (8) Corrie ten Boom;  (9) Susanna Wesley;  (10) Hudson Taylor;  (11) Dwight Moody;  (12) George Muller;  (13) Charles Spurgeon;  (14) Andrew Murray;  (15) Billy Graham;  (16) Amy Carmichael;  (17) Fanny Crosby;  (18) Mary Slessor; (19) John & Betty Stam;  (20) William & Catherine Booth.

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