Vance Christie

Welcome to our website! The purpose of this site is to help contemporary believers discover, explore and benefit from the rich spiritual heritage that has been preserved for them in historic Christian biography. This will be done through the biographies Vance Christie has written (see Books) as well as the Perspectives and other features to be posted on the website. Vance is also available for making biographical presentations at churches, schools, camps, retreats and conferences (see Speaking).

Whether you’re just discovering historic Christian biography or are a long-time fan of it, we trust you’ll be profited by what you find offered here. We hope you’ll return regularly to check out the additional content we intend to add on an ongoing basis. Be sure to follow me on Facebook and subscribe to my newsletter to ensure you’re always up to date on my latest articles and ministry updates. If you enjoy and are benefited by our site, we would appreciate your telling others about it.